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If you're looking for a real hands on experience to learn about human services and  working with children and families, we have the perfect opportunity for you. At Renewed Horizon, you will get to experience working one on one with our staff in multiple programs, work directly with our clients, as well as learn the behind the scenes work that makes our families and staff successful. See what some of our previous interns have shared. 

"Completing my internship at Renewed Horizon offered me the opportunity to get real world experience within the Foster Care System and understand many of the underlying factors that go into making successful connections with the children and families involved. I feel privileged and honored that I was able to be an intern at Renewed Horizon as I gained my own perspective and passion for the Foster Care System. Being an intern for Renewed Horizon made me realize how incredibly important it is to advocate for the children, families, and workers who put their heart and soul into creating brighter futures for children who walk through their doors." 


"When I began my practicum at Renewed Horizon, I didn't have much of an idea as to what I was walking into. I realized quickly how hands-on and detail-oriented the work needs to be. My favorite part was seeing the dedication and passion every worker has for their position here. I was able to see how important this line of work is by going along on visits for both sides of the agency. Once my practicum came to an end, I was offered a position at Renewed Horizon, and I gratefully accepted. Since then, I've been able to improve my skills and gain a supportive work family."



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