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About Renewed Horizon

We are a group of individuals driven to provide the highest quality of services and resources for youth and families through mentoring and guiding with care, trust, and understanding. Through programs and resources designed specifically to support and enhanced growth, we customize each experience to best support the individual or family. 

Our start came through various conversations and meetings with families and individuals, where it became clear, a solid family based agency was needed. After hearing stories of success, frustration, and hope from current and previous foster and adoptive families, a spark was ignited to open an agency to bring new opportunities.

At Renewed Horizon, we offer services that are second to none. As a dedicated staff, we work one on one with our families from the initial consultation, through transfer or training, and through all placements. We understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with our families to provide quality placements and ongoing support. 

Growth and new opportunities

Renewed Horizon continues to evolve. With growth comes new opportunities. All Renewed Horizon services are driven to provide:

Guidance to prevent abuse and neglect.

Education on the importance of healthy relationships and boundaries.

Mentoring to rebuild healthy families.

Equipping families with tools and resources to become and remain successful.