"The simple act of caring is heroic." - Edward Albert
  • Foster Care

    Renewed Horizon offers a quality foster care program. We work with individuals and families seeking foster care licensing as well as currently licensed foster homes. All pre-service requirements and training is provided by a certified Renewed Horizon staff. We are able to provide both forms of required training to better serve our families. We work closely with our families to match children and youth for successful placement.

    If you have ever been interested in foster care or would like more information about this program, contact us today. 

  • Adoption

    Renewed Horizon currently offers adoption through foster care services. We work closely with our families to match children and youth for successful placement. Families will receive continued support after adoption finalization to maintain a smooth and successful transition. For more information on adoption through foster care services, contact us today. 

  • Community Response Advocate

    Renewed Horizon has partnered with the York County Health Coalition as a Community Response Advocate. We work with families to build strong foundations for a successful future. As an advocate, we are here to provide guidance and support to families and children to provide and promote strong relationships and resources. This has been an exciting program for us to be a part of.

  • In Home Services

    Renewed Horizon currently offers In Home Services in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services. This program works with biological families and children to help build successful futures and strong foundations through Family Support Services and Supervised Visitations.  

  • Keep checking back!!

    Renewed Horizon will be adding NEW services in the near future! Keep checking back to see what's new!

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